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Bed in biology and environmental protection in University of innsbruck

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In the Bachelor s Programme Secondary School Teacher Training in the subject of Biology and Environmental Protection knowledge in the following examination subjects is imparted: botany, zoology and general biology, fundamentals of systematics, fundamentals of native plant and animal taxonomy, knowledge about the cell as basic building stone of life and starting point for development and evolution, basic knowledge of genetics as precondition for understanding molecular and evolutional biology and fundamentals of physiology on the level of cell, organ and organism.

Secondary school-leaving certificate proving eligibility to study at university, special university entrance qualification, (Admission Statement, proof of German language ability (level B2 for admission to the degree programme), English Proficiency Requirement: TOEFL internet-based: 100,TOEFL computer-based: 250, TOEFL paper-based: 600, IELTS: 7.0, Cambridge Advanced Test; transcript of records including number of ECTS-Credits completed,Curriculum vitae,Supplemental examination in biology and environmental sciences is required before admission to the study programme if this subject was not completed satisfactorily with at least 6 credit hours at a higher-level secondary school

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