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Bsc in biology in University of vienna

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The bachelor s programme in Biology gives a basic understanding of biology and its subdisciplines. It equips students with general knowledge of biology and important fundamental subjects, such as chemistry, physics, statistics, ethics and gender issues. Students then have the opportunity to specialise in one of seven areas of study (anthropology, microbiology and genetics, molecular biology, ecology, palaeobiology, plant sciences, zoology).

"Transcripts from all the previously attended schools, Secondary school leaving certificate with the required legalisation for the issuing country, Special entrance qualification ""admission statement"", Proof of German proficiency of at least level C1 of Goethe Zertifikat, Entrance Examination."

Careers in Product management for chemical, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical companies,High resolution molecular biological and chemical analysis, clinical and,Environmental diagnostics (industry, clinics, private companies),Patent sector (national/international organisations and companies)

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