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Bs in veterinary medicine in Ghent university

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The objective of the Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine study programme is first and foremost to prepare students for the MVM study programme. During the Bachelor programme, students are made to acquire the basic competences in general biomedical sciences and a series of specific competences in the healthy makeup and normal functioning of animals with a due emphasis on both small and large pets. In addition, students are made to gain a due understanding of the complex role played by pets in modern-day society, specifically as household pets, as food-producing animals and the role played by pets in public health.

Belgian degree, an European Baccalaureate, an International Baccalaureate, diploma from the NATO SHAPE-school, Germany: Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife/Abitur, High school diploma + transcript of records, A foreign diploma declared equivalent by NARIC, foreign university bachelor or master diploma, correctly certified/legalised, Certificate ITNA B2, B2-certificate from a university language centre, Certificate STRT 'Educatief Startbekwaam' under Dutch as a Foreign Language

Veterinary Surgeon,Veterinary Nurse, Scientific Researcher, Higher Education Lecturer, Nature Conservation Officer

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