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Bs in business economics in Ghent university

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The Bachelor of Applied Economics training programme prepares students to actively and flexibly fill managerial duties in the financial, industry, trading and service sectors as the realm in which private enterprises, public agencies as well as social profit organisations operate. Future business economists are trained to enable them to tackle business issues in an integral manner. During the course of their training, students are acquainted at close quarters with virtually all functional aspects of the world of trade and industry: general management, administration, manufacturing, sales, finance, human resources.

Belgian degree, an European Baccalaureate, an International Baccalaureate, diploma from the NATO SHAPE-school, Germany: Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife/Abitur, High school diploma + transcript of records, A foreign diploma declared equivalent by NARIC, foreign university bachelor or master diploma, correctly certified/legalised, Certificate ITNA B2, B2-certificate from a university language centre, Certificate STRT 'Educatief Startbekwaam' under Dutch as a Foreign Language

Personal Financial Advisor, Actuary, Financial Analyst, Financial Examiner

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Berlin School of Business and Innovation


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Queens University Belfast


University Of Lethbridge