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Bachelor of medicine in University of antwerp

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The objectives of the bachelor s and master s programme of medicine are based on the CanMEDS roles (medical expert, communicator, collaborator, manager, health advocate, scholar and professional) and are described by role below using competences. The bachelor has insight in required medical knowledge in relation to a clinical problem. He/she applies the taught knowledge (III) and can reason towards a decision. The bachelor can execute a consult plan. He/she does a relevant and accurate intake and anamnesis (III). He/she effectively does a physical or another examination (III) and draws up a differential diagnosis (II). He/she effectively collects, analyses and interprets data (from case history, physical examination, technical test) (II). He/she makes a correct diagnosis (II) and proposes effective actions/treatment

Should have diploma of secondary education or equivalent on the basis of the stipulations of the institution's access procedure or a diploma of higher education of one cycle with a complete learning programme or a diploma of higher education of social promotion, 180 ECTS-credits, Either you have completed and passed in Dutch at least one year (or the equivalent in credits) at a secondary school, university college or university Or you passed (within the last 2 years) one of the following language tests:the Interuniversity language test Dutch as a foreign language (level C1 for all language related programmes, level B2 for all other programmes), the internationally recognised exam Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal (CNaVT) , a color copy of a valid passport or identity card, a curriculum vitae, a motivation letter,color copy of an original degree certificate with a translation in Dutch, French, German or English if the degree is drawn up in another language, Dutch language certificate indicating the level or an acceptance letter regarding a registration in a Dutch language course or test.

Health Journalist,Medical Teacher,Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner,Medical Photographer,

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