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Bs space science and technology in Peking university

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Space Science and Technology major is a newly established profession for the development of China s space science and technology, its predecessor is the space physics major established in 1958. The teaching and research content of space science and technology major includes: using observation instruments and laboratory equipment on various types of spacecraft, studying the physical and chemical characteristics and evolution process of solar-terrestrial space, interplanetary space, star space environment; studying the structure characteristics and their formation and evolution process of celestial bodies (including the Earth, the Sun, the planets and their satellites, comets, asteroids, and other stars); using space platforms to conduct various scientific experiments that cannot be achieved in the laboratory on the earth, studying various physical and chemical processes, life phenomena and materials under microgravity conditions; and using the exploration technologies of sounding rockets and spacecraft space.

Official Transcripts, Senior high school graduation diploma (Students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating the expected graduation date)

Aerospace engineer, Systems engineer, Electrical engineer, scientists and engineers

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