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Bsc chemistry in Xiamen university

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The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is committed to strengthening the intersection of chemistry and chemical engineering disciplines, promoting the integrated construction of chemistry and chemical engineering, building a coordinated development system of the trinity of disciplines, scientific research, and talents, forming a complete innovation chain from basic research to applied development research, and has achieved remarkable results.

Application Form for International Students, which should be completed and signed in Chinese or English, Graduating high school students should submit a Certificate of Expected Graduation, issued by their high schools, High school graduates should submit their formal high school diplomas, Academic transcripts for high school studies: Graduating high school students should submit academic transcripts for each year of high school to date, High school graduates should submit a complete set of academic transcripts for high school, Test report of their national college matriculation exam or internationally accepted standardized tests, Language proficiency certificate:should have a certificate of new HSK band 4 with a score of 210 or above, Self-introduction video clip, A Letter of Recommendation in Chinese or English,Personal statement, Scanned copy of valid regular passport, Foreigner Physical Examination Form, Financial Support Guarantee Statement

Chemical And Manufacturing Industries, Oil And Gas Industries, Petrochemicals, Energy

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