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Bachelors in mathematics in Beijing institute of technology

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Mathematics at BIT, with mathematics, applied mathematics, financial mathematics and computer software as main subjects, prepares students with basic theory and method of mathematics science so that they are well- trained and well-educated in mathematics to deal with practical problem by using mathematical knowledge, establishing models and computer. Graduates mainly engage in research, teaching, development and management in science and technology, education, economics and finance, IT and other fields, or continue to study in graduate school.

Photocopy of valid passport front page (valid one year or above), ID photo with white background, High School Graduation Certificate/Pre-Graduation Certificate (English or Chinese version), High School Transcript (English or Chinese version) (BIT accepts the international standard test such as SAT, ACT, IB, A-level, National Exam Scores, such as Malaysia National Exam Scores or others ), Chinese taught program HSK5 or above (scores 180) or the equivalent qualification, English taught program TOEFL(ibt) 80/IELTS 5.5 or the equivalent qualification for non-native speakers of English.

Budget Analyst, Business Analyst, Commodities Trader, Credit Analyst/Manager, Financial Analyst/Planner, Industrial Buyer, Insurance Agent, International Trade Specialist.

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