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Bachelor in applied chemistry in Fudan university

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The Chemistry Department offers bachelor degrees in two majors, Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, and it is also one of the earliest departments to offer Ph.D. and postdoctoral programs in the nation. Right now, around 400 undergraduates and 400 graduate students are studying in the Department. The Department offers 160 courses, in which the Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Chemistry are certified as the state or Shanghai Municipal Excellent Courses. The curriculum is being renovated to meet the 21st-century challenges. The quality, diversity and social responsibility of our chemistry education has been evidenced by numerous awards, including the Award for Excellent Instructing Team, the National Textbook Prize, 3 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Awards, and 3 Grand Prizes of National Challenge Cup .

Application Form, Certified Paper Documents, Two Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Certificate of HSK, Transcripts of Highest Degree Conferred, Diploma of Highest Degree Coferred or Proof of impending Graduation.

Analytical Chemist, Chemist, Development Chemist, Pharmaceutical Analyst and Research Chemist.

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