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Bachelors in communication in Sun yat sen university

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Under new media environment, this major is to cultivate the talent of public communication and take political communication and visual communication as the main professional directions.The direction of political communication is to cultivate high-level professional talents who have, under a new media environment, public spirit and civic ideas, have strong humanistic literacy and communication skills, have the ability of social policy analysis and with solid theoretical foundation of communication. The students are familiar with various mass media, the use and operation of new media communication tools and can be engaged in communication management work in government, institutions and various social organizations after graduation.

Diploma and transcripts for senior high school, Grades of high school should reach pass (Level D or 60 points out 100 or above), among which Chinese, English and Mathematics should reach Level C or above (70 points out of 100 or above) New HSK5 certificate (180 points or above), TOEFL ibT of 60, IELTS of 6 and above

Careers in Government and other institutions for communication management and social communication, Publicity department, external communication

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