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Ba art and technology in Aalborg university

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Art and Technology is aimed at you who are passionate about creating and working in the interaction between art and technology. With the education you can further educate yourself to eg. experience design, art, and new media.

Diploma (a copy) in the original language, diploma (a copy) translated into English and verified by your school. If you do not have a diploma at the time of applying, you must submit a preliminary diploma/school transcript translated into English and verified by your school, Danish A, Mathematics B, English B, History B or idea history B or contemporary history B, Another foreign language at A-level (however, only B-level, if it is continuation language) or Communication and IT A, A copy of your passport, A copy of your residence permit if you are already staying in Denmark

Commercial Art Gallery Manager, Community Arts Worker, Exhibition Designer, Fine Artist

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University Of Lethbridge


University of Central Lancashire


De Montfort University




Georgian College