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Bsc in food chemistry in University of hamburg

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The Bachelor's Degree Program in Food Chemistry covers content from chemistry and food chemistry with a focus on chemical analysis. Located at the Hamburg School of Food Science , which combines all scientific activities in the field of food science, the study course provides a sound education in all modern chromatographic, spectroscopic and food biochemical methods. The practical part of the study, which takes place in well-equipped laboratories, is about 50 percent. The aim of the study is to enable students to apply the acquired knowledge, skills and scientific methods themselves.

German Secondary school leaving certificate Abitur, Proof of sufficient knowledge of German (uncertified copy), DSH scores, the signed print-out of your online application, the proof of your preliminary documentation, TestAS certificate (uncertified copy), a maximum score of 30 points for the HZB grade (with a HZB score of 1.0), Academic Transcripts, English Language Proficiency.

Food chemists, Freelance in a trade laboratory, Food industry, Cosmetics and consumer goods industry

15th Jul

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