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Ba german vocational school teacher in Rwth aachen university

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In German the fundamentals of literary and cultural studies and linguistics are taught. Students are expected to simultaneously acquire the ability to work independently on texts and conduct research. To this end, they study two subjects equally: literary studies and linguistics.Literary studies provide an overview of literary-historical eras, of cultural history, and genre theories. During studies, texts are analyzed according to different theories, organized according to historical genre, and placed according to historical issue.

Should require a university entrance qualification certificate, 180 ECTS Credits required, typically acquire the HZB by successfully completing secondary school or high school, international applicants who are not legally equivalent to German citizens, such as non-EU students, must complete a standardized aptitude test before applying for a Bachelor s or State Examination, TestAS must be completed in German, provide proof of German language skills at a C1 level, not native German speakers and do not possess of a German secondary school certificate must provide evidence of their German language skills by presenting one of the following language certificates Deutsche Sprachpr fung f r den Hochschulzugang, DSH 2 or 3.

Diplomatic service officer, Broadcast journalist, International aid/development worker, Logistics and distribution manager

20th Jul

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