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Beng chemical and biological engineering in Hong kong university of science and technology hkust

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From chemistry to engineering, molecules to useful products. Physical, chemical and biochemical transformation of materials. Survey of industries related to modern chemical and biological engineering. Basic principles of materials and energy balance. Strategy of molecular synthesis, process selection and design, economic and environmental considerations. Examples taken from a diverse range of products spanning realms of food, consumer products, energy, environment, and medicine. Case studies and team projects on process and product design. For engineering students only.

IB Diploma: Mid 50% Score Range for 2017 Intake: 36 40 (including bonus points), School reports from grade 10 onwards, Academic Reference, CV, TOEFL-iBT of 80, TOEFL-pBT of 550. IELTS of 6.0, ACT and SAT scores.

Energy Manager, Analytical chemist, Manufacturing engineer, Materials engineer, Mining engineer.

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