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Bachelors in animal and crop production hons in University college dublin

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This degree gives you a broad knowledge of the science and business of both animal and crop production and their interactions in a constantly changing environment. You ll develop: Knowledge of the growth, development and improvement of farm animals and crops; Knowledge of the agribusiness industry; The capacity to formulate economical and sustainable animal and crop production systems; The capacity for life long learning so you remain informed of evolving technical, economic and regulatory frameworks; Communication and IT skills.

Official transcripts of academic results; Final school report, International Examinations from another country's national education system (IB, A Level) will be considered, IELTS-6.5, TOEFL PBT-600, IBT-90, CBT-250

Agribusiness, Animal and crop industries, Consultancy, Semi-state or government agencies, Financial services, Print, radio and television media.

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