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Bagrsc hons food business with chinese studies in University college dublin

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The Food Business with Chinese Studies programme reflects the changing market landscape, and aims to develop graduates with the skills and talent urgently required by the Irish food industry. With Brexit and the uncertainty involving the UK market, export expansion to the emerging markets has critical strategic importance to the Irish food industry and the overall economy. The changing market landscape requires improved foreign language capability of Irish companies to facilitate access to new markets, and to help sustain and strengthen the modern agrifood and agribusiness companies.

Official transcripts of academic results; Final school report, International Examinations from another country's national education system (IB, A Level) will be considered, IELTS-6.5, TOEFL PBT-600, IBT-90, CBT-250

Teaching, journalism, publishing, law, broadcasting and librarianship. Also jobs in a variety of sectors including banking or accountancy, the media, advertising, marketing, political administration and law.

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