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Bachelor of science in biopharmaceutical chemistry in National university of ireland galway nuig

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Biopharmaceutical Chemistry is the study of biomolecules (such as DNA, proteins and carbohydrates) and their applications as therapeutic medicine. Numerous diseases and medical conditions are caused by the improper function or the absence of a particular biomolecule. For example, some forms of diabetes result from a lack of insulin. The role of the biopharmaceutical chemist is to design and synthesise molecules that can substitute for the missing protein. The replacement molecule is often a modified protein, prepared using chemical and biotechnological methods.

GCSE Level Grade C in four recognised subjects, Good grades in Year 12 examinations, Higher College of Technology Certificate , 2.75 CGPA plus 50-60 credits per year, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 88, PTE 61.

Biomedical engineering, Chemistry, Community medicine, Counseling, Environmental management.

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Queens University Belfast


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