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Bsced in education in science and technology in Israel institute of technology

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In undergraduate studies, students choose one of the following seven fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Technology-Electricity, Technology-Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry Science and Biology-Environmental Science. Depending on what they have selected, students take the appropriate science and technology courses.

"Transcripts from the previously attended schools, The Israeli psychometric test or the SAT or the ACT, Placement Exams (Entrance Tests) in Math and Physics at the Technion or the Israeli matriculation exams in Math and physics in 5 units, Language Profeciency test ""YAEL"" test (knowledge of Hebrew), a grade of at least 113 is required, Applicants who have not taken the Israeli psychometric test will have to take the ""AMIR"" test (knowledge of English)"

Guidance counselor, School psychologist, Career counselor, Juvenile corrections worker, Family counselor

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