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Bachelor in hebrew literature and language in Hebrew university of jerusalem

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The winding course that Hebrew has taken throughout the ages and the processes that have shaped it have created an exciting area for research. Throughout history, the Jewish People came in contact with multiple cultures of the ancient and modern worlds. In studying and researching Hebrew, one is exposed to the changes brought about by these cultural encounters. Lovers of the Word will enjoy expanding their knowledge of the roots of the Hebrew language and its variegated stages, as well as gaining professional training towards a wide variety of language-related jobs. Students in the B.A. program gain knowledge in all historical layers of the language, including its relationship with close members of the Semitic language family. They also enjoy rigorous training in linguistics, essential for understanding the inner workings of language and its internal structure.

Higher Secondary School Certificate + one full year of study at a recognized university, a minimum score of 85 on the Psychometric sub-score / Amiram Test or 185 on the Amir Test , personal interview, Entrance exams for groups, Preparatory certificate, Previous Academic Studies, Additional scientific subject, Agricultural background, Previous professional background, Threshold requirement in mathematics, a minimum score of 105 on the YAEL/YAELNET or minimum level Dalet on the Proficiency Test

Translator, Teacher, Diplomat, Assistant Professor, Communications manager

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