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Bachelor in international relations in Hebrew university of jerusalem

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The Department of International Relations is part of the Social Sciences Faculty of the Hebrew University. This program reflects a broad spectrum of theoretical & empirical fields, such as international history, global studies, international security, regional studies, international political economy, diplomacy and international law. We provide broad and liberal knowledge combined with the analytical tools to understand the complexities of the political, cultural, economic and social forces that constrain and shape international reality.

Higher Secondary School Certificate + one full year of study at a recognized university, a minimum score of 85 on the Psychometric sub-score / Amiram Test or 185 on the Amir Test , personal interview, Entrance exams for groups, Preparatory certificate, Previous Academic Studies, Additional scientific subject, Agricultural background, Previous professional background, Threshold requirement in mathematics, a minimum score of 105 on the YAEL/YAELNET or minimum level Dalet on the Proficiency Test

Political Affairs Officer, Partnership Specialist, Programem Management Officer, Senior Associate, Foreign Affairs Specialist

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