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Bachelor of social sciences in european studies in Kaunas university of technology

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European Studies is an interdisciplinary programme with a unique perspective on politics in the national states, Europe and the World. It specifically targets the students who want to know political and economic integration processes, their participants, goals, causes, course and consequences in Europe from the global perspective. Through the analysis of political processes, of what and how functions in the European Union, as well as through provided methodology, tips and tricks, studying and learning in multicultural environment, the graduates can actually make changes, influence the decision making process or apply the expertise in local and global companies, NGOs, public institutions.

High school certificate (legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translated into English and notary verified), Maximum 3 years after high school graduation is eligible, Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 % in each entry subject: 30% Mathematics, 20% Motivation(Skype Interview), 50% English: IELTS 5.5/TOEFL iBT 75/CEFR B2 (or equivalent), Proficiency in English: IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 75, CEFR B2, or equivalent, Digital photo, Notary verified copy of passport or ID

Graduates from European Studies programme may work in national and the EU institutions, regional and local government, businesses, non-governmental organisations, media companies and political parties. Graduates are competitive in the labour market due to the expertise in legal, economic, political field, based on a professional approach to the EU, its activities, achievements, role in the world, culture, politics, economy, however. Moreover, they are able to freely communicate in native and foreign languages (English, French, German, etc.), have excellent communication skills to work in multicultural teams.

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