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Ba linguistics in Voronezh state university

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The aim of this course is to make you aware of the complex organization and systematic nature of language, the primary means of human communication.In a sense, you will be studying yourself, since you are a prime example of a language user.Most of your knowledge of language, however, is unconscious, and the part of language that you can describe is largely the result of your earlier education, which may have given you confused, confusing, or misleading notions about language.This course is intended to clarify your ideas about language and bring you to a better understanding of its nature.By the end of the course you should be familiar with some of the terminology and techniques of linguistic analysis and be able to apply this knowledge to the description of different languages.

Certified Copies of qualifications gained, e.g.for undergraduate this will be high school certificate and transcripts, Russian Language test certificate, A scan of your passport, Sponsors letter, Copies of any other supporting documentation

Lexicographer, speech and language therapist, languages teacher, copy editor, proofreader

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