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Bsc biotechnology in Tomsk polytechnic university

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The program was designed and being continuously updated in collaboration with Siberian State Medical University, Research Institute of Cardiology, Research Institute of Pharmacology, Research Institute of Oncology, and Research Institute of Nuclear Physics. The research projects are conducted in cooperation with Russian and international universities (Germany, South Korea, Mexico, the United Kingdom, USA) with the support of Russian and international scholarships and grants and contracts with chemical-pharmaceutical and biotech companies, among them there are about 30 Russian and international research center and enterprises.

A copy of the Education Certificate that verifies the Secondary School level (including academic transcript: the list of studied subjects, grades and marks) in English or Russian, A copy of the international passport, A documentary proof of the Russian/English language proficiency (if any), Secondary School Certificate (>50%); TORFL-I.

Biological researcher, including Medicine, Environmental Science and Law, Consultant , Biotechnologist, and Genetic Counseller.

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