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Bachelors in philosophy in Yale nus college

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Philosophy investigates the nature of the good life and of reality, knowledge, truth and beauty. It does not just teach us about ideas; most importantly, it teaches us to do philosophy, and hence to lead rewarding and productive lives informed by philosophical reflection. The skills and habits of mind developed in the Philosophy major prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in fields including law, government, business, medicine, academia and journalism.Studying philosophy opens doors outside of academia too: It is recognized by employers as excellent preparation for careers in, for instance, management consulting, business, law, journalism, medicine, computing. Its discipline in thinking systematically and independently also paves the way to various forms of entrepreneurship.

Yale-NUS College Common Application, Transcripts or Academic Reports, Two teacher recommendation letters, SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL ibT of 100, IELTS of 7, Interview

Policy analysts, Social policy advocates , High school teachers, Philosopy teachers

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