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Bachelors in philosophy politicsand economics in Yale nus college

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The Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) major offers students an integrated understanding of the world by equipping them with the skills to investigate connections among economic, political, philosophical and ethical phenomena. It aims to foster a multidisciplinary, empirically informed, and philosophically reflective approach. The PPE major will provide students with a wider set of qualitative and empirical tools of analysis, and conceptual forms of knowledge, than would be gained by specialising in just one of the three disciplines of philosophy, politics, or economics. It is designed for students who want to explore the interconnections between ethical and normative issues, institutional arrangements, political relations, production, trade or market mechanisms, religious institutions and customs as well as legal orders.

Yale-NUS College Common Application, Transcripts or Academic Reports, Two teacher recommendation letters, SAT or ACT scores, TOEFL ibT of 100, IELTS of 7, Interview

Careers in Politics, Law, Banking and economic sector, Policy advise, Research analysis, Academia, Civil service, Diplomatic service

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