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Bsc advanced feedback and control in Singapore university of technology and design

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Extending feedback control theory and applications (from 30.101 Systems & Control) to include multi-input & multi-output and discrete-time systems. Mathematical modeling and analysis of discrete time systems in various disciplines using state-space, pulse transfer function and z-transform. Relating controllability and observability and their canonical forms to synthesize and design advanced continuous and discrete-time controllers. Introduction of pole-placement based controller design and formulation of state observers.

Applicants should have completed at least 12 years of general education or have taken the Year 12 national/international examination in the year of application in order to be considered for admission. Students with strong competency in Mathematics and the Sciences are generally preferred. Test scores: IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, SAT

Chief Engineer-New Product Development, Product Developer, Lead Engineer - Advanced Product Development, Advanced Design Engineer, Product Support Specialist, Product Development Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

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