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Bachelor in mathematics in Yonsei university

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Mathematics, a highly abstracted language of numbers, spaces, and functions, seeks to discover new propositions with both rigor and beauty. This mathematical discovery is also the basis for quantifying and structuring the problems of natural and social phenomena, making it possible to clearly understand the nature of the problem. The Yonsei University Mathematics Department provides research and education that not only solves major hypotheses in each field of mathematics but also induces innovation in the natural sciences, social sciences, and industries. Beginning with the first graduates in 1919, many alumni have demonstrated their creative abilities in various fields such as academics, industry, computers, computational sciences, information technology, and finance.

Copies of Official Transcript, CGPA must be over CGPA 2.7 on a 4.3(CGPA 2.5 on a 4.0 ), ECTS (C or above), TOEFL score must be a minimum of 79 in iBT(cBT 213, pBT 550) or IELTS 6.5(English), Or KLAT level 4 or TOPIK level 4.

Careers in High school teaching, Financial analysis, Risk management, Investment banking, Operational research, Data analysis

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