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Bachelors in cinema and culture in University of cordoba

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Cinema is a relevant element of that complex universe that we call Culture, specifically of the World Culture of the XX and XXI centuries If we assume that Cinematography is an artistic expression, a historical and sociological record, a means of entertainment and a source of economic resources, we will understand the importance of the subject and its indisputable significance in the field of higher education or research Considering the novelty and importance of the object of study, as well as the degree of originality of the new degree in the setting of university education, some reflections related to the justification and objectives of the new one must be considered, at least as a starting point

Transcripts from the previously attended schools, High School diploma in spanish baccalaureate or equivalent, Passing of PEvAU, Spanish Language Profeciency (minimum linguistic proficiency, level B1, in the Spanish language

Director, Producer, Set Designer, Director of Photography

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