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Bachelors degree in art and design in Autonomous university of barcelona

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The Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design at the UAB includes three disciplines under one title: Applied Arts, Visual Arts and Design. The degree is offered at the Escola Massana, Barcelona s municipal Art and Design centre, a school with over 80 years of experience training students in the plastic arts and in design. Many first-class artists and professionals have attended this prestigious centre. The relation between the areas of artistic creation and design is solidly implemented in several professional sectors.

Secondary school diploma, University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training), Certified copy of your official duly validated transcript, issued by the competent authorities, listing the period in academic years, subjects taken, credits earned and grades obtained, Test of Interactive English (TIE) scores.

Careers in Product design, Communication, Interiorism, Illustration, Design and innovation consultancies

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