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Bachelors in social education in University of cordoba

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This undergraduate degree is proposed as a priority to train students in knowledge, skills, work tools and attitudes that contribute to the development of competencies in the explanation and understanding of the theoretical and practical foundations of the educational processes to be carried out with different subjects and groups and in different contexts with criteria of equality and equity in the planning and management of institutions and services in which educational practices are carried out, adapting their formulation and development to the characteristics, needs and demands of individuals and groups and in the implementation and evaluation of educational projects aimed at different subjects and groups, emphasizing dynamics of communication, participation, integration and socialization, as well as promoting civic coexistence

Transcripts from the previously attended schools, High School diploma in spanish baccalaureate or equivalent, Passing of PEvAU, Spanish Language Profeciency (minimum linguistic proficiency, level B1, in the Spanish language

Guidance counselor, School psychologist, Career counselor, Juvenile corrections worker

23rd Mar

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