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Ba chinese literature in National taiwan university ntu

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The department offers various programs designed to inform a broad understanding of Chinese language, literature, and thought, mainly rely on ancient periods supplemented by modern periods. Compared with other Chinese departments, in either Taiwan or mainland China, the department especially stresses the importance of close reading of original texts. There are more than 50 full-time faculty and more than 20 part-time faculty in our department, with a broad scope of professional specialties. In order to formulate better research plans, it is suggested that applicants should acquaint themselves with the research directions and curriculum designs of our faculty via the department website before application.

Highest degree's graduation certificate, Highest degree's full transcript of records, Two Recommendation Letters, Certificate with a minimum TOCFL Superior Level 77 points or a minimum TOCFL level 4 Listening 62 point and Reading 66 points or the Old system HSK Level 7 or New system HSK Level 4 or or other equivalent Chinese proficiency certificate.

Film, Cultures, Tranlators, Interpreters, Chinese Language Teachers, Chinese History.

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