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The main goals of this department are to provide students with a rich and profound foundation in the field of humanities and to hone their philosophical talents for the sake of demonstrating profound, wide-ranging and incisive reflections on value that will guide the ethical orientation of our society. We are proud of our open-minded curriculum, and we are active in building co-operative relationships with other universities. For instance, we have so far established academic links with the Department of Language and Literature, the Department of Arts and Craft Education, and the Department of Elementary Education at the National Taipei Teachers College. Students on either side can freely select courses at the counterpart institution. Since its initial establishment, our department won fame for synthesizing Eastern and Western philosophies, for penetrating ancient wisdom and advancing modern insight, and for educating exceptional talents. This is illustrated by the fact that our graduates have shown prominent accomplishments in numerous fields, such as academics, politics, literature, art, education, and publishing.

Highest degree's graduation certificate, Highest degree's full transcript of records, Two Recommendation Letters, Certificate with a minimum TOCFL Superior Level 77 points or a minimum TOCFL level 4 Listening 62 point and Reading 66 points or the Old system HSK Level 7 or New system HSK Level 4 or or other equivalent Chinese proficiency certificate.

Culture, Education, Art, Reporter, Publication, Editor, Translator.

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