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Ba political science in National taiwan university ntu

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The three groups of political theory group , international relations group , and public administration group of this department are eligible for quotation. When enrolling foreign students, the Admissions Committee may advise the department to hold written and oral examinations to test their ability to read, write and write Chinese. Those who are not up to the standard must be held responsible for continuing their studies in Chinese and reduce the number of study points per semester.

Highest degree's graduation certificate, Highest degree's full transcript of records, Two Recommendation Letters, Certificate with a minimum TOCFL Superior Level 77 points or a minimum TOCFL level 4 Listening 62 point and Reading 66 points or the Old system HSK Level 7 or New system HSK Level 4 or or other equivalent Chinese proficiency certificate.

Law, Business Fields, Teaching, Journalism, Lobbyist, Advocacy.

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