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Bsc computer systems and networking in Curtin university dubai

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This course has been designed to help you fully understand computer network design and development technologies so you can pursue career opportunities in this rapidly expanding field. The course integrates current developments in wired and wireless networking, offering a comprehensive view of the industry.You will develop skills in network design and management, the convergence of IT and telecommunications, embedded systems, computer hardware and software, real-time systems and IT technical support. Your focus will be on the design and support of distributed computer and telecommunications networks.By the time you graduate, you will have the skills to expand the capabilities of networks already in place and to build new ones.

GCE A-Levels: 5 points (best of 3 subjects), IB: 24 points, Boards of India/Pakistan: 65%. IELTS- 6.5

Systems Designer (Information Technology), Analyst (Information Technology), Systems analyst, IT support specialist, Telecommunications manager, Network and system administrator.

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