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Ba digital culture in graphic information technology in Arizona state university tempe

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The School of Arts, Media and Engineering offers a first of its kind BA in digital culture. The degree is for students who are interested in helping shape the future creative uses of digital technology in our day-to-day lives. Digital culture majors learn to go beyond merely using digital tools; they develop the ability to program media and integrate computational systems with everyday physical human experience. This dynamic curriculum not only prepares students with tangible skills in cultural media but also with the critical-thinking skills that enable the understanding of the broader impact of technologies on life and culture. This concentration is offered in partnership with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Students complement their knowledge of new media with technology and new media entrepreneurship skills, knowledge of legal and ethical issues for technology, and additional skills in graphic communication, digital illustration and design methodology.

Official high school transcripts, Top 25% in high school graduating class, Typical SAT scores: Math (520-640), Critical reading (510-630), ACT Composite (23-28), Average GPA 3.49

Graphic designer, Production artist, Computer game designer/developer, Computer animator.

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