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Bachelors in theater arts in Brandeis university

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The Brandeis Department of Theater Arts rich history is embedded in the legacy of Leonard Bernstein and the gifted collaborators who invigorated Spingold Theater Center into being. You, our students, bring a wide range of experience and talent to our department through your studies, which are as diverse as the sciences, social sciences, education, literature and the other creative arts. The study of theater arts requires that you stretch your imagination, gather your academic research and put it into action culminating in a performance, design work, written script or scholarly paper. We stand on the shoulders of the visionary artists who brought all of the Brandeis Creative Arts Departments to life and endeavor to instill in you the same kind of artistic innovation, discipline and courage.

Completed application, Personal Statement or essay, Official copies of all high school transcripts, 2 teacher evaluation or letters of recommendation, School profile, Financial documentation

Technical Assistance, Running Crews, Internships In Administration, And Assistant Stage Management Positions, Graduate Study, Public Relations, Communications, Arts Management, Public Service, Teaching, And Theatre-Related Careers, Including Literary Management, Stage Management, Acting, Design, Publicity, Marketing, Fund-Raising, Technical Production, Sound And Lighting Technology, Box Office Management, Costuming, Electrics, And Stage Craft

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