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Bs business and management systems in Missouri university of science and technology

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As a business and management systems major, you will take courses that are rigorous and oriented toward building the foundation necessary for lifetime learning. Studying at Missouri S&T, you will benefit from the world-class computer environment and your association with excellent students from around the country and the world. Students in the program are strongly encouraged to participate in summer internships or co-ops with companies before they graduate. There are many opportunities and students benefit greatly in terms of their education and the edge they have seeking full-time employment once they graduate.

Personal statement, Official transcripts, Test scores: TOEFL of 79, IELTS of 6.0, GPA of 2.5, ACT of 2398, SAT of 6876

Business adviser, Business analyst, Corporate investment banker, Operational researcher, Product manager, Social media manager, Sustainability consultant, Marketing executive, Human resources officer

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