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Bs computer science in San diego state university

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First year of courses in the major teaches you the fundamentals of programming. In the second year, you will begin to take more specialized courses, learning about how computers function, as well as advanced and efficient ways of organizing information. As you move into the upper division courses, you will learn several different computer languages, as well as elements of circuit design and how operating systems such as Windows and UNIX function. You will also have the opportunity to take courses in elective areas such as software engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

University online application, Test scores: SAT scores- Critical reading and Math-1174, Average ACT-27, TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS, 3.85 High school GPA

Computer Scientist, Businesses, Government agencies, Research foundations, and Universities, Computer Hardware Designing and Manufacturing Companies.

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