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Aerospace engineering bs in Georgia institute of technology

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The undergraduate program at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering is designed to give highachieving students something to shoot for. Our program includes a combination of classroom, laboratory, and research experience that will give you knowledge and skills that meet and exceed the demands of today's workplace. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide each student with a general background for employment in industry or government, or advanced study in graduate school at the end of four years. The program stresses the analytical, experimental, and design aspects of aerospace engineering. A certain degree of specialization is available to undergraduate students through the proper choice of Options and through a choice of air or spacefocused tracks.

High School Transcripts, Personal Statement, 2 Letters of Recommendations

Aerospace engineer, Maintenance engineer, Manufacturing systems engineer, Materials engineer, Mechanical engineer, Automotive engineer, Control and instrumentation engineer, Energy engineer, Patent attorney, Production manager, Quality manager, Technical sales engineer

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