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Chemical and biomolecular engineering bs in Georgia institute of technology

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The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree program consists of a combination of requirements and electives that ensure a strong foundation in the chemical and biological sciences while providing the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to satisfy specific interests or career goals. This program may be of interest to students who plan careers in research, teaching, or in a life/health science profession (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry).

High School Transcripts, Personal Statement, 2 Letters of Recommendations

Biotechnology (genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical devices); Electronics (chip manufacturing, semiconductors, networking, databases); Energy (petrochemicals, energy conversion and storage, solar and other types of sustainable energy); Advanced materials (polymers and textiles, composite materials, ceramics, and coatings); Food (agricultural productivity, packaging and preservation, genetic modification); Environment (green processing, aquatic engineering, waste minimization); financial and business services, and academia.

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