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Bs in applied engineering sciences in Michigan state university

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The Applied Engineering Sciences major provides undergraduate opportunities leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. The core goal of applied engineering sciences is to prepare technically competent, broadbased engineering graduates who have acquired a systems perspective for problemsolving and business expertise. The program provides a broad foundation in science and mathematics, engineering, and business management and is designed to develop graduates who can apply the rigor of their technical education to diverse problems and settings. The program is structured to establish skills in areas such as effective management, contemporary technical issues, deployment of new technologies, resolving ethical dilemmas, effective communication across technical disciplines both in oral and written communication, and lifelong learning.

Official high school transcripts, Marksheets and Certificates, TOEFL-IBT-79, PBT-550/IELTS-6.5/MELAB-80 for nonnative English speakers.

Account Executive, Consultant, Consumer Representative, Analyst

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