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Bachelors in comparative literature in Clark university

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As a comparative literature major in the Language, Literature and Culture Department, you will enjoy a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary and multicultural program of studies in poetry, prose, drama, film and related arts that cuts across national and linguistic boundaries. You'll develop and hone the components of textual analysis: identifying an author s message and intended audience, as well as examining the effectiveness of the communication techniques employed to convey that message. In addition, by exploring authors and literary movements around the world, you will engage with many of life s most important questions and gain valuable perspectives on the human experience.

First-year Common Application, Secondary school report: along with an official high school transcript, Teacher evaluation form, SAT/ACT scores, Results from any national examinations (e.g., A levels, GCSE, WASSCE, CBSE, ISCE, CXC, CAPE, etc.), Proof of English proficiency TOEFL iBT (80 or higher overall and 15 or higher on every section), or IELTS (6.5 or higher overall and 6.0 or higher on every section), or SAT Critical Reading, SAT Evidence-Based Reading (600 or higher)and Writing section (650 or higher), ACT Reading section scores (26 or higher).

Literary Agent, Editor, Corporate Communications

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