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Bs geology in San diego state university

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Geologists study the origin and evolution of our planet; the chemical and physical properties of minerals, rocks, and fuels; the structure of our mobile crust its newly forming ocean floors and its ancient, drifting continents; the history of life; and human adaptation to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and floods. The subject matter of geology ranges from dinosaurs to the prediction of earthquakes.

University online application, Test scores: SAT scores- Critical reading and Math-1174, Average ACT-27, TOEFL: IBT-80, PBT- 550, IELTS, 3.85 High school GPA

Hydrologist, Geophysicist, Geochemist, Environmental scientist, Oceanographer, Teacher, Research technician, Geological surveyor, Paleontologist, Energy and resource explorer, and Resource planner

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