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Ba in central eurasian studies in Indiana university bloomington

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The B.A. in Central Eurasian Studies provides students with the means to study in depth a region of specialization in Central Eurasia through mastery of one or more languages as well as the history, culture, religion and geopolitics of a given region in a multidisciplinary approach. The degree program combines two key features: (1) a Language of Specialization, which gives students access to the chosen civilization through the voices of its people; and (2) a Region of Specialization, which includes courses on various aspects of the chosen civilization. Two and three year sequences are offered in the following languages: Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Mongolian, Persian, Tibetan, Turkish, Uyghur, and Uzbek.

Diploma from an accredited high school, GPA on transcript, 200-400 words essay on academic and career plans and any special interest, IELTS/TOEFL for nonnative English Speakers

Researchers, Information analysts, Linguists, Policy advisors, Educators, Translators, Tourism advisors, Businesspersons, Security personnel, Journalists, or Aid workers

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