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Bs in german studies in Indiana university bloomington

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In an increasingly interconnected world, foreign language education is critically important. Americans can no longer expect that the English language will be sufficient to meet all their communications needs. Tomorrow's learners can expect to interact with people on every continent in their personal and professional lives. Students who are prepared to communicate with others in their native language will enjoy a huge competitive advantage over those who cannot.

Diploma from an accredited high school, GPA on transcript, 200-400 words essay on academic and career plans and any special interest, IELTS/TOEFL for nonnative English Speakers

Researchers, Information Analysts, Linguists, Policy Advisors, Educators, Translators, Tourism Advisors, Businesspersons, Security Personnel, Journalists, or Aid Workers

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University Canada West


University of Central Lancashire


University Of Lethbridge


University Of Leicester


De Montfort University