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1 quarter pathway and ba german in Western washington university

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German Studies aims to teach students in depth about the cultures of the German-speaking world. Germany is the United States biggest European trading partner, and the German language is the second most commonly used business language in the world. Students who become proficient in German can communicate with about 100 million people living in a number of countries in the heart of Europe. The German program integrates instruction in language studies with studies in cultural and literary history, enabling students to gain access to the intellectual life of the German-speaking countries. The International Year program will provide you with the solid foundation you need to be successful in your university degree.

A secondary certification or passed an appropriate external exam, An essay, Official academic credentials, TOEFL ibT of 80, a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, Official secondary school credentials with certified English translations when necessary, Statement of Financial Responsibility, ACT or SAT .

Interpreter, Foreign Correspondent, Educator, Linguist, Travel Writer, Communications Consultant

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De Montfort University


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