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3 quarter pathway and ba history in Western washington university

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The study of history involves a careful search through existing evidence to determine what happened in the past, but understanding how and why that evidence was created and then saved stands at the center of the discipline. It s all about asking tough questions. That s why the History major at Western prepares students for many different careers. Due to the quantity of reading, writing, and discussion, History majors have strong communication and analytical skills, which are valued by all employers, including businesses and government agencies. The International Year program will provide you with the solid foundation you need to be successful in your university degree.

A secondary certification or passed an appropriate external exam, An essay, Official academic credentials, TOEFL ibT of 80, a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, Official secondary school credentials with certified English translations when necessary, Statement of Financial Responsibility, ACT or SAT .

Museum Curator , Librarian , Archivist , Historical Preservation Specialist, Government Official

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