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Ba in digital media with broadcasting in Marquette university

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The Digital Media BA, Major would help students analyse how to critically interpret the evolving use of electronic media and mass communication. Moreover students would also be able to master and propose their own theory of media solutions that serve their communities, research, write, produce, direct and market electronic messages for every medium. Likewise you can have hand on experience due to our campus radio and TV stations are entirely studentrun. Host your own radio show, be a newscaster, produce television shows or use communication technology in your own original way. Finally Students will have cutting edge technology to enhance their learning experience by having access to Marquette s recently revamped broadcast facility, with two TV studios, nine video editing suites, three audio studios, computer graphics platforms and advanced interactive digital equipment.

Transcripts, Mark sheets, Term reports, Post-secondary academic records, TOEFL-80, IELTS-6.0

Radio, Television, Emerging media, Cable communication, Corporate communication and Writing

1st May

Queens University Belfast




Georgian College


Berlin School of Business and Innovation


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