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Bachelors in advertising in Marquette university

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A major in Advertising would be able to channel Students neverending creativity to advertise their work. As students would be able to analyse the ways to combine memorable copy, creative design and innovative direction to move consumers to action. Build a foundation in advertising by gaining insights into consumers wants and needs, and communicating with them where they like to be reached, whether it s at an event, on Facebook, a mobile device or on a TV show. Moreover Students brain will be rewired in the way of advertising standard writing techniques and understand how cutting edge technology like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and multimedia software are essential to make advertisement. Finally Students will also make their portfolio of their various advertisements to gain professional; experience by participating in competitions

Transcripts, Mark sheets, Term reports, Post-secondary academic records, TOEFL-80, IELTS-6.0

Copywriters, Graphic designers, Media buyers and Account executives

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