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Bs mathematics in Arizona state university tempe

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School districts across the country are struggling with shortages of teachers, particularly in math. ASU's BS program in mathematics with a concentration in secondary education provides a new pathway for students interested in teaching. Students acquire strong content knowledge in diverse areas of math and the skills to convey these concepts to others. This degree program offers a deeper mastery of mathematics coupled with the ability to handle the challenges of a high school classroom. Students who wish to teach at the secondary level will take courses preparing them to earn certification in the State of Arizona through this program. By providing a carefully designed curriculum of courses and instructional experiences the program develops the deep understandings and connections needed to be a highly effective mathematics teacher.

Official high school transcripts, Top 25% in high school graduating class, Typical SAT scores: Math (520-640), Critical reading (510-630), ACT Composite (23-28), Average GPA 3.49

Teaching high school mathematics, Finance, Industry, Technology.

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